Nutritional Therapy Consultations


$120 -hour

Initial Consultation (1.5 Hours) 

At the initial consultation, we will take a full panoramic snapshot of your current and past health history. There are often small triggers that cause a cascade effect throughout your body, ultimately causing what seems like an unrelated problem or disease.  If one only looks at the final symptoms, the true underlying cause will likely be overlooked, so it is vital to take a step back, and gain insight into your health by looking at behavioral history, dietary patterns, eating habits and other various environmental exposures. The appointment will include:

  • Discussion of problem areas initially visible from your completed nutritional questionnaire (which will have been submitted to me 3 days before your first visit)
  • Use of several evaluative methods to further determine problem areas, including:
    • Nutrition Response Testing
    • Functional Evaluation (with natural supplement Response Testing)
    • Questionnaire and Symptom/Burden Analysis
    • Dietary Analysis
  • Education on how your problem areas came to be and how the relevant body’s systems function when in and out of proper balance
  • Discussion of your lifestyle as it relates to your willingness and commitment to participate in your health
  • Creation of personalized dietary and lifestyle plan including any recommendations for the use dietary supplements and essential oils
  • Supplementary materials to guide you through your nutritional therapy journey

Follow Up Visits (15 minutes – 1 hour)

  • Taken place in office, by phone or Skype (client’s choice)
  • Overview wellness check-in to assess progress made from initial protocol
  • Discussion of how initial protocol worked with lifestyle and how to maximize effectiveness
  • Re-evaluation of problem areas
  • Adjustment of nutritional and supplementary protocol