Fertility & Pregnancy Detox

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Cost $200

Package includes:

Detailed Analysis of Health Questionnaire

Functional Exam

Lingual Neuro Testing

Nutrition Response Testing

Health Education Addressing Issues Presenting in Diagnostic Analyses

Customized Detox Plan

Fertility and Pregnancy Meal Plan

Supplementary materials to guide you through your nutritional therapy journey

This detox is geared towards getting your body ready to conceive and carry a healthy pregnancy. This can be started at any point during pregnancy, however before conception is most ideal. It is much better to start late than not do the detox at all! There are many vital nutrients that you must have built up in reserve in order to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.  Much infertility and many miscarriages are due to lack of reserves or an improper balance of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids and cholesterol that are needed in your body.  We will determine any problem areas and then set you up on a regimen to safely detoxify the harmful hindrances to fertility, and lastly we’ll work on providing your systems the building blocks that are most necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

It takes a minimum of four months to effectively prepare your body for pregnancy. Please make sure you plan ahead before you attempt to conceive your next Thriving Sprout!