Diagnostic Services

At each initial consultation, whether in-person or remote via skype, we use each of the below diagnostics to help uncover the nature of any nutritional imbalances. Subsequent appointments will often retest the ‘hot points’ or areas of stress to check progress and to adjust suggested supplement dosage.

Functional Evaluative Exam
The Functional Evaluation is a top to bottom exam to help identify potentially stressed organs, nutrient deficiencies, toxic load and allergy status. The exam includes using pressure points on the client’s body, a variety of pulse and blood pressure tests, muscle reactions, and other observations using other evaluative tools.
Lingual-Neuro Testing
LNT is a valuable biofeedback tool that enables the health care provider to determine the usefulness of a nutritional supplement before it is dispensed to the client. LNT accesses the body’s innate ability to discriminate between what it needs, and what it does not need, in order to correct a specific problem.
Nutrition Response Testing
This analysis is performed by using one’s own muscle groups in combination with acupressure points to determine underlying weaknesses on a cellular level.
Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
The NAQ has been developed over many years and updated by doctors from various disciplines. It is organized in a way to show the hierarchy of healing and helps to make the best recommendations from the foundations upward.
One on One Consultation
During the visit, we put everything together from the evaluative tools and continue the discussion with each client. At the root of any lifestyle change is the ability to execute it. At each visit, we work together with the client to determine any limitations, such as work schedules and lifestyle preferences to set clients up for the most success.
Rather than simply giving each client a suggested protocol and sending them on their way, we place a heavy emphasis on education to empower them to understand why the body needs the nutrients that it does, and what happens when those are deficient, or if there is a toxic overload. We find that clients have the most long-term success when they know how to apply concepts universally.