Baby & Child Wellness

baby and child wellness Cost $150

Package includes:

Initial consultation office visit with parent and child (1 hour)*

Baby and Kid-Friendly Meal Plan

Supplementary materials to guide you through your nutritional therapy journey

This package is for families with babies and children who are displaying disagreeable symptoms either physically or behaviorally. Often there is a fundamental imbalance the systems of little ones who are having adverse reactions to the milk, foods or anything else they may be ingesting, causing not only discomfort but a variety of other unpleasant reactions. We have experience repairing the systems of babies and children who display signs and symptoms of colic, skin rashes, eczema, asthma, low immunity, bowel problems, hyperactivity, mood swings and many others.

Additional visits may include education for parents how to make homemade formula, introducing first foods, dealing with finicky eaters, preventing childhood obesity, what foods are vital to each stage of baby’s development, safely vaccinating should you choose to, cooking with your children, among many, many other topics.