About Tracy

beach piggy back I’m Tracy Thomas, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the owner of Thriving Sprout. I came to holistic nutrition after a 20 year journey of research and trial and error, determined to figure out the foods to truly nourish the human body, while navigating the conflicting information in the media.

Fad diets seemed to emerge every few years, contradicting the one prior to it, and it was never clear whether fat, salt, sugar, and carbs etc. were good or bad, despite the proclaimed science supporting each camp.  Over the years, I dutifully followed many of these diets in an effort to be healthy, but something never felt right knowing that with each of these ‘discoveries’ about the human body, the solution was to manufacture and consume more adulterated food – foods that are new to our systems, which the human body could not have possibly evolved to know how to process… Chemicals added, nutrients removed, while Americans have just been getting sicker and more obese.

My innate spidey sense regularly told me that we were not on the right path, but I never knew where to turn or which sources to trust.

At the same time, I had been on an acid blocker for 13 years to quell the debilitating heartburn that I had experienced since a child. While the Prevacids and Prilosecs did the trick to mask the pain, more evidence was emerging that sustained use of these pharmaceutical drugs was quite a serious health risk, but I feared the daily pain I’d inevitably experience should I stop taking them.

Then I met a Nutritional Therapist who offered hope.  She educated me about the human body, and how the over-the-counter drug I was taking was masking the pain, but sending my body into greater dysfunction, throwing more and more of my systems out of balance.  The solutions we tried through education, nutrition and natural supplements blew my mind. After one day, I didn’t have heartburn any more! After a month, anxiety and number of other symptoms that I had learned to live with had virtually disappeared!  After 2 months, the pesky 10lbs I put on in college were gone and my energy was higher than it had ever been. I felt like a new woman and was craving more information how that worked and why this was the first I was hearing about such potent natural remedies based on simple lifestyle and dietary changes.

All roads led me to enroll in the same program, founded on the work of many great holistic pioneers of the past 100 years, and before the first day of the program, I had finished half of the reading list. I was finally finding the answers that I had been seeking for almost two decades.

Now with an extensive understanding of what human bodies need to thrive, I work on balancing the systems of the whole person through education on proper nutrition and the use of natural supplements, so others can better navigate both the media and the grocery store (See Services). My passion is working with fertility, pregnancy and children’s issues and this has been the focus of both my research and practice with my family and many others.

11137128_10155595941590136_2328112337519026464_n I received my credentialing as a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner from the Nutritional Therapy Association, and hold a Master’s Degree from UC Santa Barbara. When I’m not further educating myself on health and nutrition or cooking delicious, nutrient-dense meals for my family, I’m usually outdoors enjoying the beauty of Mammoth Mountain or Santa Barbara – the latter of which, I call home with my husband Jason, our daughter, Brighton and our dog, Bodhi.