Thriving Sprout is a holistic wellness center providing individualized nutritional therapy, specializing in fertility, pregnancy and children’s health.  We are founded on the belief that the human body has the ability to heal itself, and symptoms manifest only when the body is exposed to chronic conditions that throw it’s systems out of balance. Rather than masking those symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs from the outside-in, we work with each client to understand the nature of the imbalances. Then together, we create a personalized roadmap to re-align and strengthen the body’s systems from the inside-out, by eliminating the problematic dietary stressors and bringing on board what the body needs to thrive.

There is no more an important time to understand the nuances of real health than when preparing for, carrying and caring for your children. Through proper maternal and early childhood nutrition, we teach parents and prospective parents how set your baby on a path towards a lifetime of optimal health.

We look forward to helping moms and dads bring their bodies into balance so they can create the best environment to bring up their own THRIVING SPROUT!